Hangzhou Proprium Biotech Company Limited Located in the scenic Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, is a project dedicated to the field of biomedical product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The company in October 2010 formally established with a registered capital of one thousand million dollars.

The company has in line with ISO13485 international certification standards for cleaner production laboratory of 3,000 square meters, has a world-class R & D team, the core team members named Lin Yang standard Chinese "thousands of plans" entrepreneurial talent list, and in Science, Nature, New England J. published more than 90 papers on Medicine, PNAS and other top journals. We have Chinese patents and two Japanese patents in liver cancer and cirrhosis of diagnostic techniques, and pending US patents and "Patent Cooperation Treaty"(PCT)。

The company has diagnostic techniques carcinoma, liver cirrhosis and a number of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease detection, holding completely independent intellectual property rights and on the basis of this technology successfully developed a variety of new diagnostic products, with rapid clinical and simple diagnostic characteristics . The company developed a portable diagnostic immunoassay by the manufacturing technology of the world's leading German companies on behalf of processing. The company is committed to build a detection reagent supporting innovative diagnostic instrumentation combined platform to achieve quick and easy diagnosis of cancer and cardiovascular disease.