Hangzhou Shimei Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd. is committed to become the solution provider of standardized supply chain in the fresh food industry, to establish industry standard system to needs of users as the core, to optimize the non-standard grading of agricultural products for standard commodity, and to rapidly integrate the circulation of upstream and downstream.

With multiple channels’volume advantages, Shimei resolves high loss, food safety, high distribution costs, terms of payment, capital optimization and other upstream and downstream issues of the fresh food industry.

With the help of advanced big data system, Shimei finally achieves demands leading plan planting, standardized processing, efficient circulation, breaks the current trade barriers, and builds a high-quality, safe and win-win fresh food industry ecosystem!

With three core business - food sales, fresh food SAAS management system, and fresh food cloud warehouse, and with the accumulation and analysis of big data of the industry,  Shimei gradually produces related products of the fresh food industry, plays a supply chain integration role for the overall development of the industry, and ultimately achieves reasonable optimization of fresh food industry supply chain.