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HEDA Investment Ltd. was founded in Silicon Valley in the United states.

October 24, 2016 (USA, San Francisco) became the first overseas economic development zone of Hangzhou science and technology investment fund HEDA Investment Ltd. was founded in Silicon Valley in the United states.

Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone is a State-level Development Zone Industrial Park, the only Chinese in Higher Education Park, export processing zone is in one of the advanced manufacturing industry, electronic information, health industry, intelligent equipment industry base in the core area. In recent years, great opportunities of Development Zone seize the country to vigorously promote the development of innovation, accelerate the internationalization of the city of Hangzhou, is the comprehensive construction of high-end smart base, innovative harbor, beautiful wisdom of Vice City, east of Hangzhou made great efforts to build a corridor leading area, National Development Zone demonstration zone and a first-class international city transformation and upgrading.

At present, the science and Technology Park overseas investment fund first HEDA Investment Ltd. fund size of $150 million, $30 million in the first place. The fund aims to promote overseas talents of innovation and entrepreneurship and promote high-level overseas talents in Hangzhou, explore the synergistic effect of cultivating high-quality overseas innovative projects with domestic investment and service platform, to help China domestic industry to achieve transformation and upgrading.HEDA Investment Ltd. during the inauguration of Silicon Valley, sponsored by the Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, HEDA Ventures, Wisemont Capital, Wu Yuefeng capital co sponsored in October 24th was held in San Francisco Bay area Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airpot. In this event, also released by the HEDA Investment Ltd. and Wu Yuefeng capital to participate in the overseas information industry sub set up funds - Wisemont Capital. In order to witness HEDA Investment Ltd. was formally established, the Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Director Shao Lichun, Treasury Secretary Zhang Yuqiu, Secretary for economic development and planning branch secretary Li Junmin Hu Yibin, deputy director of the Development Zone Assets Management Group Limited company general manager Chen Yao Peng, Tao Feng, HEDA Investment CEO business Bureau Zheng Hongbin and other leaders and guests, specially from Hangzhou to Silicon Valley attended the event.

The inaugural ceremony began at 9 o'clock in the morning, attracting nearly 100 Chinese and American entrepreneurs, investors, incubators representatives to attend. In the China consulate in San Francisco science and technology counsellor Wang Junming, congressman Mike Honda representing the two sides welcome by the government. Shao Lichun, director of Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, introduced the general situation of Hangzhou and the development zone to the guests, as well as the overall investment plan of HEDA Investment Ltd.

Subsequently, the grand ceremony officially began. In Mike Honda, counsellor Wang Junming Chung, director Shao Lichun's testimony, HEDA Investment Ltd. officially unveiled, Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Assets Management Group Limited company chairman and general manager Yao Chenpeng, Wu Yuefeng capital founder and Wisemont Capital founding partner Wu Li Jun signed a cooperation agreement in three, and Wisemont Capital unveiling.

After the opening ceremony, Wu Yuefeng capital founding partner of Wisemont Capital, founding partner of Li Jun , Zhejiang saibole venture capital management company founding partner and President Chen Bin, on behalf of Hangzhou and Silicon Valley investors said, cross-border investment experience sharing. Peptide Biochemical Co., Ltd., chief technology officer, Dr. Tong Xiaohe, as a representative of entrepreneurs to share the experience of returning home. Finally, in MS. Li Jun under the auspices of the Silicon Valley incubator, a vast source, database, Acceleprise, Westlake represent too Ventures and Unshackled had a brief discussion, sharing experience and strategy of cross-border hatch.

The inaugural ceremony in the warm atmosphere of the curtain. Scene leaders, guests and representatives from various sectors attended a luncheon in Silicon Valley, exchange of experience of venture capital, common prospect of Silicon Valley and Hangzhou for further cooperation in technology reform, entrepreneurial innovation etc..