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The first overseas biomedical investment fund was set up

The morning of October 27, 2016 (Boston time), by the Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and Zhejiang hosted by Cerberus, HEDA Ventures, received the Losangeles fund, jointly hosted the China Association of biological medicine and biological medicine of overseas investment fund (HEDA Biotech Fund.) conference held in Boston. This is also the Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and Zhejiang saibole jointly set up first overseas pharmaceutical investment fund.

At the same time, zhejiang set up Boston biomedical Fund Cerberus (Cybernaut Biotech Boston Fund), the two funds to invest to united way for unified agreement, a joint Fund size of two hundred million yuan ($thirty million). Funds will be sent to you by actively assist and participate in the Boston area existing biomedical platform of science and technology exchange activities to achieve the purpose of the benign interaction and local production platform.

In the conference, the biological medicine association xiang-guo shi as a representative of the local Boston to harangue, zhejiang Cerberus, President and founder of Chen Shared the zhejiang Cerberus worldwide investment layout strategy and docking biomedical project experience of China and the United States, hangzhou economic and technological development zone management committee director Shao Lichun to the guests present this paper introduces the general situation of hangzhou and development zone and HEDA Biotech Fund's overall investment plan.

Then, and biological medicine overseas investment fund and fund of zhejiang Cerberus Boston biomedical was unveiled. Hangzhou economic and technological development zone assets management group co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, general manager with zhejiang Yao Chenpeng Cerberus President Chen signed a cooperation agreement.

Conference in the end, the China association on behalf of Dr Zhao Yining Shared returned entrepreneurial experience as a representative of the entrepreneurs. Harvard University school of medicine at harvard medical school, CABA DFCI medicinal chemistry laboratory, the biological medical association, the enterprises of China and the United States (Boston) innovation center, the Chinese medicine association (SAPA) branch of New England, the innovation laboratory of Massachusetts, the world association of Chinese technology manager and other representatives also has carried on the brief discussion, and share the experience and strategy of cross-border hatch.

Hangzhou economic and technological development zone is China's only industrial park, the higher education zone, export processing zones in one of the state-level development zone, and advanced manufacturing, electronic information, health industry, intelligent equipment industry base core. In recent years, the national high-tech industrial development zone as the biological industry base core, provincial biomedicine rejuvenating trade through science and technology innovation base, the municipal town in "eastern medicine port" characteristic, has obtained certain achievement in the development of the pharmaceutical industry.Successively introduced the MSD, Pfizer and other international well-known drug firms, driven, with the total investment of 5 billion yuan, the global top 10 in biological pharmaceutical enterprise has six settle; The pharmaceutical industry for several years to realize more than 15% growth, related industry has accounted for 40% of the city; Introduce and cultivate biomedical state-level high 25, 14 countries one thousand people and practice innovation drive, gathering ahead. At the same time, increased investment in research and development, strengthen the public service unceasingly, built biological medicine class city 56, research and development institutions at the provincial level enterprise r&d spending accounts for more than 4% on average.Development Zone to 3 through 5 years of efforts, with the construction of Zhejiang province and East China "leading scale, leading industry and advanced technology" bio pharmaceutical and health industry pilot area as the goal, to speed up the construction of the Hangzhou National Bio pharmaceutical high technology base, striving for national biomedical science and technology trade innovation base and provincial key industrial innovation as the starting point of the experimentation area the development of bio pharmaceutical industry, the full implementation of the "three double action plan (personnel and project, scientific and technological achievements, performance contribution). To achieve intensive development of bio pharmaceutical health industry cluster, the sales value of more than 50 billion yuan.

Zhejiang Cerberus is a focus on service in early science and technology innovation and mode innovation of venture investment fund management companies, fund management scale more than 10 billion yuan, won a clear division of the Forbes 2015 China top 20 venture capital institutions, zhejiang venture capital institutions such as the honorary title, is one of the famous outstanding venture investment institutions in China. Zhejiang Cerberus silicon valley, Los Angeles, New York in the United States, Germany, Israel, Japan and other 10 international industrial agglomeration highlands, have been putting work closely with many local government guiding fund, built a global hatch "talent + technology + capital + + landing" comprehensive service innovation platform.

Set up the "marriage" and biomedical investment funds overseas, will promote overseas talent innovation entrepreneurship and promote high-level overseas talents in hangzhou, discover and foster high-quality innovative undertaking projects and overseas and the domestic investment and service platform of synergies, boosting domestic industry effectively realize the transformation and upgrading.