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HEDA Ventures attended the 9th Biotech Showcase conference


HEDA Ventures (HEDA) attended the 9th Biotech Showcase which is a 3-day conference starts from Jan 9th--11th, 2017, at San Francisco. Hongbing Zheng (the CEO of HEDA), Xiang Li (Managing partner of HEDA), and Lin Xie (Investment associate of HEDA) were represented at the meeting.  

Our team got to talk one-on-one negotiations and due diligence with 9 selected startups leading in the biotech area. Given more details in HEDA’s fund size, operating strategy, investment fields and investment philosophy during the discussion, we reached cooperation intention with these entrepreneurs and further negotiation is under way.

HEDA Ventures has closed the deal of Symic Bio shortly after last year’s launch. Furthermore, more deals like SyntheX are underway. We expect to explore more overseas opportunities and better drive innovations and developments through these conferences.