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Heda Ventures attended the new product conference of Dexpert computer Co.,Ltd.

In March 10th, the new product conference of Dexpert computer Co.,Ltd. held in dream town, deputy general Li Yuefeng, investment director Ho Lingshan attended in.

Dexpert is one of our direct investment projects, the company was founded in 2000, is committed to the development and system hardware and software, catering retail system integration, maintenance services, to provide comprehensive technical management solutions and network integration design of our professional technology. At present, Dexpert around the country already has more than 10000 customers, signing more than 1500 engineers, this super elite team for each user to provide a complete IT service management system.

The new product is on the road of the development of Dexpert another milepost event, marking the combination of the Internet and IT services into the practice stage, at the same time, it stores equipment and social Dexpertto build IT engineer service platform, and then optimize the retail hardware service process.