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Snackoo win the startup competition

On May 23, HEDA Ventures’s portfolio company Snackoo participated in the Hangzhou University Students Entrepreneur rivalry and won the Final Grand Prize.

Snackoo co-founder and CEO Baylor Wei graduated from the Stanford University. She said in the final round that Hangzhou is center of e-commerce in China, with lots of favorable policies support to start startups, business development prospects, hope Snackoo can be achieved here from "buy from the worldwide, sell to United States "into" buy from the worldwide, sell to the world ", and expressed willingness to settle down in the tech park for further development. Snackoo team is currently working with HEDA Ventures team who help gain more preferential policies.

Baylor Wei, the Co-founder and CEO of Snackoo

About Snackoo

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA, Snackoo is an all-in-one snack platform focusing on the fine snacks and beverages and providing new products recommendations based on big data analysis. At present, Snackoo’s products  sourced from seven countries around the world. They companies launched monthly "subscription box" which received favorable market reactions. Its customized recommendations based on big data analysis that helps better capture the user's preference to make accurate recommendation. It saves time for customers scanning websites everyday while deliver Snackoo box on time.