Indiana and Chinese province celebrate 30-year partnership

On Thursday, August 24th, the State of Indiana and the America China Society of Indiana hosted the Indiana-Zhejiang 30th Anniversary Celebration and Business Seminar at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis.

The half-day event, led by Indiana Governor Mr. Eric Holcomb and Zhejiang Party Secretary Mr. Che Jun, the highest ranking official in the province, featured a business matchmaking seminar, a signing ceremony re-affirming our sister state relationship, and a special photo exhibition cataloging the Indiana-Zhejiang Relationship HEDA Ventures’ CEO, Hongbin Zheng, along with businesses, economic development groups and universities from Indiana and Zhejiang attended this event.

Gov. Che reiterated that “Our relationship with Zhejiang has led to greater economic success and deeper cultural ties between our two states.”

For both Indiana and Zhejiang, the highest-ranking official in the province and a member of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, the partnership is more than an agreement on paper.

"We are thrilled to celebrate our 30 years of friendship with Zhejiang Province and reaffirm our cultural and economic ties," Gov. Holcomb said. "It's partnerships like this that help propel Indiana and Zhejiang to new levels, creating new business opportunities and enhancing international trade. As our future unfolds, I look forward to seeing the benefits that come from our global partnership."

During the celebration, Gov. Holcomb and Gov. Che and members of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, renewed the Indiana-Zhejiang sister-state agreement that dates back to 1987. The agreement reaffirms the Indiana-Zhejiang sister-state relationship to further enhance economic relations, encourage industrial innovation and foster cultural, educational and healthcare exchanges.

In addition, both parties have reached agreements on 16 projects in the fields of agricultural products and food technology, biotech, artificial intelligence, furniture production, etc., involved with 85 million US dollar deal.

HEDA Ventures CEO Hongbin Zheng struck deals with Mobile Enerlytics llc. Two parties formed cooperative agreement during the event.

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce visited Silicon Valley

Days before Indiana trip, the head of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Mr. Meng Gang along with other representatives visited HEDA Ventures in Belmont, California.

The CEO of HEDA Ventures, Hongbin Zheng presented HEDA’s recent investments in Silicon Valley, as well as achievements to help startups expand in global markets.

So far, HEDA Ventures (China and US) has directly invested over 20 startups in the fields of biotech, high-end manufacturing, TMT, energy savings, new energy and new materials. Aligned with strategic partners like SummitView Capital, Temasek and Fosun Invesment, HEDA’s US fund has invested 6 startups in total, including 3 Biotech, 2 TMT, and 1 Fintech startups. More than 13 startups are selected to settle down at Hangzhou Economic Technology and Development district after differenet reviews. The HEDA team are processing applications in conjunction with local government.

Gov. Meng had given the full affirmation and propaganda to the achievements and team work of HEDA’s US fund. He said " Silicon Valley is known as the innovation hub, the internationally-known tech Mecca and home to some of the biggest names in technology. The mission of the trip is to approach to better collaborations in cross-border investments. Hangzhou's affiliations should continue to strive to explore the market needs and advancing technology, as well as enhance the integration of resources and talents for both markets.

The GP of Wisemont capital, Jun Li also introduced the fund and their recent investments to Gov. Meng. Wisemont Capital is a US fund that backed by HEDA Investment Ltd. and SummitView capital.

About HEDA Ventures

HEDA Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in enterprise sectors. Our US dollar fund currently has over $150 million in AUM. We focus on innovative high-tech industries showing fast growth rates, including Biotech and frontier technologies. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs and startups build world-changing businesses, with the potential to create new market opportunities and change the world.

Website: www.hedaventures.com

About Wisemont Capital

Wisemont Capital invests in startups that brings innovation to improve connectivity and cognition of the world, and to support human well-being and sustainability of the world. We focus on early stage startups in enterprise software market and IOT, Including big data, AI, security, cloud computing, smart system, and digital healthcare.


About Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang is a province on the southeast border of China and has a larger coastline and number of islands than any other province in the country. Seventy percent of the province is composed of mountains and hills.

As a celebration of the partnership renewal between the sister-states, the Indiana Convention Center hosted an exhibit that displayed many features of the Zhejiang culture. Visitors could walk through the exhibit and drink tea, hear music, and see the dancing and art that makes Zhejiang culture so unique.

About Hangzhu

Hangzhou, formerly romanized as Hangchow, is the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province in east China. It sits at the head of Hangzhou Bay, which separates Shanghai and Ningbo. Hangzhou grew to prominence as the southern terminus of the Grand Canal and has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for much of the last millennium. The city's West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, immediately west of the city, is amongst its best-known attraction.

Hangzhou is the “new first-tier city based on its gross domestic product (GDP), population and level of political administration, besides Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Hangzhou Economic Development and Technology Area (HEDA) is a State Level development zone governing an area of 104.7 square kilometers as approved by the State Council in April 1993. As the new tech park of Hangzhou, HEDA Comprehensive development ranks among the top 15 among 49 national economic development zones.